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Helium Kontor Germany - the specialist for helium and balloon gas - buy or rent bottles including delivery and collection!

You only need to specify the day to deliver and the day to pick up the bottle again.

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50L Ballongas Helium - Mietflasche
50L Ballongas Helium - Mietflasche
20L Ballongas Helium - Mietflasche
20L Ballongas Helium - Mietflasche
10L Ballongas Helium - Mietflasche
10L Ballongas Helium - Mietflasche

Inclusive delivery and pickup!

Our gas partners bring the bottles to your favorite address and then pick it up again when you are ready.

Note: It is not logistically possible to supply the bottles of gas directly to a fairground! (except in Hamburg)

Procedure: Please tell us by ordering your adress and the desired delivery date (day + period of up).

Any accessories will be delivered separately.


possible designs: luminous balloons, fair balloons, Special Shapes, Street-Walker, rental balloons, indoor outdoor campaigns

Balloons in many colors and shapes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, events & Events

An interesting application possibility is the use of helium in breathing apparatus for scuba diving. Who was snorkeling or diving before, knows how exceptionally beautiful this hobby is. However, you can move in recreational dives only to 20 or more than 30 meters below the water surface.

To be especially able to penetrate up to 600 meters in commercial diving to greater depths, is used inter alia helium as a diluent gas in the breathing mixtures.



Helium comes from "helios" meaning "sun"

Helium is a colorless, odorless gas. It is tasteless and nontoxic. Since it has a higher speed of sound compared to normal air, it is carelessly sometimes inhaled to produce a Mickey Mouse voice. In this context, we still want to warn to inhale helium, because that can lead to a dangerous lack of oxygen.

Helium is a noble gas

Helium is one of the so-called noble gases - not because it is particularly valuable - but because these substances can hardly enter into chemical compounds and you can avoid surprises so with their use. This is known as a typical reaction, inertia, resulting in the use as a shielding gas results in the industry. Neon and xenon also belong to the group of noble gases.

How is it made?

Won is mainly helium from natural gas. With up to 7%, it is one of the main components of this valuable raw material. It formed during the disintegration of such radioactive materials such as uranium.

One cubic meter of helium has a mass of about 180 grams under normal conditions. Air is 7 times heavier. Since helium is lighter than air, it rises upward accordingly.


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